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Looking for a unique way to raise money for your PTO, school or organization? The Thrifty Teacher will provide a full service art or craft class, virtually, in person at our art studio, or a location of your choice! Each event is tailored to you and your school's wants and needs. 

Contact us:

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The Thrifty Teacher works with you to create your unique event!

  • We co-design a painting with you to match your event's wants and needs.

  • We create invitations and advertisements to help you get as many people to attend as possible!

  • We build art kits for all attendees that has everything they need to create their own masterpiece. These can be shipped right to their home if virtual!

  • Art kits are $20 + your decided fundraising price.

    • For example, if you charge $25 per attendee, you raise $5 per person right to your organization!

  • If virtual, we will send out a Zoom link the week before for all your attendees to join from an art area of their choosing.

  • Classes run for 1.5-2 hours, which includes a drying break

Contact us at for more information!

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